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On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 00:47, Osma Ahvenlampi wrote:
> That's probably very good for you because you've learnt to distinguish
> sites from their layout due to you profession, but I don't think it
> works too well with the average user. Hell, I work with web sites too
> (though as a programmer, not as a designer), and I can't remember what
> sites look like.
> Besides, I don't think there's that much variance in the layouts of most
> (mainstream) sites. Art/design sites are a whole different matter, but
> business/consumer sites organize themselves the same way so that the
> users wouldn't have a hard time adjusting to them.
> I do remember the logos of the sites I frequent, though. Makes sense,
> because logos are designed to be easily distinguishable and remembered.
> And Ephy bookmark editor shows you the favicon for a site, if there is
> one.

I've made a quick prototype of how this could be lain out (based off the
galeon bookmarks since it was what I had open at the time); I used a
80x85 thumbnail of the sites.  You'd be surprised how much "the common
user" can benefit from just a bit more data.  Another factor I didn't
realize is that when a site doesn't have a favicon, it will still
generate a thumbnail and make itself more distinguishable based off of
that image.  Since this would take up a lot more vertical space, maybe a
double or triple column would help put more pages on screen at once.

I'm sure you don't doubt whether this is a benefit to include, but more
of if it is worth someones time to code up.

Eric Zeitler <ezeitler@psl.nmsu.edu>
Physical Science Laboratory


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