[Epiphany] "Dynamic sub topics" (bookmark system suggestion)


I was thinking about the issues that the current bookmark system has for
users with lots of bookmarks (not me) due to the lack of a hierachy.

How about a system that combines the merits of both? If I understand the
complaints about the new system correctly, the main issue is, that you
can't have quick access to your bookmarks anymore if you have too many.
An example would be that you have about 80 bookmarks in "News" and 120
bookmarks in "Computer". Finding what you are looking for would be hell
now, unless you can somehow narrow down the selection to "News &
Computer" (which might only contain a small subset, like 20 bookmarks).
Obvious ways to make this possible would be to improve the locationbar
entry (case insensitive and allowing to type multiple topics in
arbitrary order) and to allow multiple selections of topics (using CTRL)
in the bookmarks dialog. Both aren't very easy to understand and not
necessarily efficient, so my main suggestion is something different:
How about allowing to narrow down a selection using the dropdown menus
on the bookmarks toolbar? For example if you have a bookmark in the
"Computer" and "News" topics, you could click the "News" topic and it
would show you the category "Computer" as a subtopic, if you click the
"Computer" topic, it would show you "News" as a subtopic. This way, if
you have too many bookmarks in one category, you could narrow down the
selection while browsing but it wouldn't matter where you start and you
wouldn't _have_ to do this because it would still show all bookmarks of
your current topic selection below the "sub topics" (maybe it should
only show bookmarks which aren't further categorized if there are too
many though... no point in showing 600 bookmarks in a dropdown menu). It
wouldn't change a thing if you put each bookmark into just one category.
The result should be a system that is still very simple but scales up to
even much more complex usages without introducing the problems of
traditional hierachies, like having to remember weither you have stored
something in "News -> Computer" or in "Computer -> News".

I'm sorry if this was already discussed and rejected, I think it could
be a good solution though. What do you think about it?


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