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Murray.Cumming@Comneon.com writes:

> gnomedesktop has lots of vague complaints about the epiphany bookmark
> system, though I can't make much sense of it and I'm not sure whether it's
> just the same kid posting repeatedly. And I've also heard some vague
> criticism of the bookmarks or toolbars from more reliable sources.
> So, if necessary, can we have a quick and constructive thread about this?
> Maybe with real-life examples?
> The GNOME 2.4 feature freeze is June 9th and the UI freeze is July 7:
> http://www.gnome.org/start/2.3/
> I'm not sure which one this affects, but there's a danger that it would have
> to wait until GNOME 2.6 if we don't deal with it fast. Or maybe there's
> nothing to deal with - I don't know what the problem is.

I think me need to maintain the model we have now - just make a few
tweaks as to how people access bookmarks. One comment so far is that our
bookmarks system "has no hierarchy". We all know that's not strictly
true - because items can be in multiple topics we can have things
hierarchically arranged/dispalyed/accessed - we've just chosen not to do
that so far ...

What I'd like to propose is two changes:

1. Expand the sub-menus that you get in the bookmark toolbar menu, such
   that you might get the following:

         Liverpool FC Home Page
         My Homepage
         Liverpool FC Home Page
      My Homepage

This would be generated from the following "bookmark - topics" data:

Liverpool FC Home Page - Personal Sport
Gnome.org - Personal GNOME
Footnotes - Personal GNOME
My HomePage - Personal

In other words, for a given topic, if any items in that topic have a
topic associated with them that's not in the current hierarchy path then
we create an "All" sub-menu which will list all bookmarks with this
topic associated with them, we also create a sub-menu for each "other"
topic associated with bookmarks within this topic, and we also show any
bookmarks that do not have any other topics associated with them in the
menu iteself.

2. Add the bookmarks menu to the bottom of the "Go" menubar menu.

What do you reckon?

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