[Epiphany] Re: More Suggestions

On Mon, 19 May 2003 03:12:43 -0400, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

> Matthias Braun writes: 
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for this great browser. It's an excelent example of UI design IMO.
>> Anyway I had a few more ideas while using it (BTW: I'm using 0.6.0 no idea
>> what changed in 0.6.1) 
>> -The preferences could be made even smaller. Is there a reason why someone
>>  would change the link/test colors?
> This will probably happen soon, seth and i spent the day talking about it 
> and decided that there is no real reason to keep the prefs. 
>> -Fonts settings seems overkill as well, but here I can understand that
>>  picking a good font automatically is hard in linux boxes at the moment as
>>  you have no idea what fonts the user has installed... But maybe there's a
>>  way to use the fonts from gnome preferences...
> Yeah it sort of sucks. A bug exists, but this is sort of a complex issue. 
>> -The Cache settings in complex also seem redundant for me... A good
>>  "hardcoded" default should do here.
> I agree in principle, not sure if there is a bigger underlining issue 
> though. 
>> -It would be nice to have the bookmarks as an element in the browsing bar
>>  instead (or additionally?) of the own browsing bar 
> Can you expand on this, i'm not quite sure what you mean. 
When I enable the bookmark toolbar now, I get a whole Toolbar with just a
single menubutton labeled "All". This button could be simply placed into the
main navigation toolbar instead of wasting the place for another
(Or did I simply miss the way to have more bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar
and not only that single "All" menu?)

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