RE: [Epiphany] bookmark system

On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 20:41, D. D. Brierton wrote:
> Firstly, let me say to all of you that nothing I said on the Shrike list
> or that I say below is intended to be a flame or a complaint of any
> sort. I love the work all of you have done first on Galeon and now on
> Epiphany, and I very much support the general GNOME 2 paradigm of
> minimal configuration options - things should just work.
> What I hope I can offer is simply an anecdotal report of my first two
> days of using Epiphany, and respond to some of the things Marco said
> from an anecdotal point of view. I'm just trying to supply "data", not
> argue for a case.

Thanks a lot for your very constructive reply. The data you are
providing is very useful, and confirm my impression of some of the
problems of the new bookmarks system
I'm not replying now in detail because I'm a bit too emotively involved
at the moment ;) I'll get some days to think to it and then post a


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