[Epiphany] Re: bookmark system

mpeseng@tin.it writes: 

>>Yes, I am aware of that. But that is _not_ real sub menu... I am talking
>>about mutli-level here. Is the current code capable of adding this
>>easily, or would that have to be totally a hack?
> Well, menu code should be trivial to modify to support multi level. To support
> editing of multi level menus you would need to write a tree (not list) model
> for EphyNode. I did it for history some time ago, so that could be reused. 
> Note that I'm talking of this just from a teoretical pov. 
> Marco 

The question should not be whether or not it is technically feasable but 
whether it is even desirable from a usability standpoint. Hierarchical 
folders are hard to use and many of us on the ui team have long hoped for a 
way to escape the hierarchical file system and replace it with something 
more database like. 

the epiphany bookmark system fits the needs of most users. Most users don't 
work well with hierarchies and at most use one level, many don't use any 
level of hierarchy. The epiphany bookmark system takes advantage of this 
fact and allows users to put bookmarks into multiple toplevel "topics." 

Reverting to a proven failed design is silly imo. 


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