[Epiphany] Re: Font Selection

tor 2003-05-15 klockan 12.39 skrev mpeseng@tin.it:
> >From: mpeseng@tin.it
> >Subject: RE: [Epiphany] Font Selection
> >To: "Lee Willis" <lwillis@plus.net>, "epiphany" <epiphany@mozdev.org>
> >Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 09:56:53 +0000
> >
> >>Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection from
> >>the rest of GNOME ?
> Another thing. Currently you can set fonts per encoding. Maybe this is a
> necessary feature.

I'm not very familiar with these issues, but I know that even fonts that
by today's standards have good Unicode coverage don't cover all commonly
used scripts.

As an example, many of the languages that we've recently recieved some
initial support for in GNOME (thanks to the impressing efforts of new
many translators) have problems with font coverage. Either there are
hardly any fonts at all with coverage of the script, or the existing
fonts are all proprietary.

So perhaps this is an important feature that needs manual intervention
and thus needs to be visible in the interface, but I really don't know.
Perhaps some other translators on gnome-i18n@gnome.org can shed some
light on the issue.


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