RE: [Epiphany] Font Selection

>Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection from
>the rest of GNOME ?
>The obvious reason (Although I don't call it "good") is that Mozilla
>expects multiple fonts to be defined for the various "types". However is
>there a reason that these couldn't map to fonts set up in the GNOME Font
>preferences (My guess is that we already have 2 out of 3 (It's 50/50
>whether to map Application font to Serif or Sans Serif), ie:
>GNOME            -              Mozilla
>Application Font                Sans Serif
>Application Font????            Serif
>Terminal Font                   Monospace
>Would we need to do anything/much more to match these up properly and
>remove the font selection stuff from epiphany, or are there a11y reasons
>to keep them there [And if so why is a web browser different to all the
>other apps that mean that they don't need this]
>On a similar vein, can we not change the whole "colors" selection
>section to be just "Always use theme colours"[1] and come up with a
>sensible mapping onto the GTK theme?
>This way the appearance dialog would be pretty much two checkboxes:
>- Always use system font choices
>- Always use system colours

I was thinking to this just yesterday. Problems to solve are:

- Are the very granular mozilla settings necessary for accessibility ?
- Is there a satisfying way to map gnome desktop settings to browser settings,
or these could be extended so satisfy our needs. For example, is it sane
to assume the same font is good for a web page and applications ? It would
seem that a system font to display text (web or pdf or text viewer ....)
is necessary. Maybe there is one, or it's just fine to use the application
one. Unfortunately I cant access gnome and check now.
- When we enabled this in galeon 1, a while ago, using a different font
then the default was causing several layut problems. This may have changed

Can you open a bug about this, so we can talk with accessibility guys etc


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