[Epiphany] Font Selection

Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection from
the rest of GNOME ?

The obvious reason (Although I don't call it "good") is that Mozilla
expects multiple fonts to be defined for the various "types". However is
there a reason that these couldn't map to fonts set up in the GNOME Font
preferences (My guess is that we already have 2 out of 3 (It's 50/50
whether to map Application font to Serif or Sans Serif), ie:

GNOME            -              Mozilla
Application Font                Sans Serif
Application Font????            Serif
Terminal Font                   Monospace

Would we need to do anything/much more to match these up properly and
remove the font selection stuff from epiphany, or are there a11y reasons
to keep them there [And if so why is a web browser different to all the
other apps that mean that they don't need this]

On a similar vein, can we not change the whole "colors" selection
section to be just "Always use theme colours"[1] and come up with a
sensible mapping onto the GTK theme?

This way the appearance dialog would be pretty much two checkboxes:

- Always use system font choices
- Always use system colours

[1] Is this what "Use system colours" is supposed to do?
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