[Epiphany] RE: L10N issues (was Re: 1.0 plans)

>> Another issue from the l10n perspective is the untranslated messages
>> from Mozilla that is displayed in dialogs. It's happening in Galeon at
>> least, and I assume this is no different in Epiphany, as this is to my
>> understanding a gtkmozembed issue. This is also an important issue, but
>> probably not as important as it "only" affects users of languages where
>> the Mozilla translations is lacking (which on the other hand is quite
>> few), and since the fix is largely needed in Mozilla code, so that
>> embedders can provide their own translations or formulations of
>> messages.
>Another problem would probably be that in
>http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=112619. I doubt many
>translators do calculate a conversion for these numbers. This is
>typically something that should be done in code instead, especially
>since the information whether to use metric or imperial units is
>available in the locale info[1].
>In any case, the default should probably be metric, since there's no
>doubt that it's more widely used but also what the C locale specifies to
>use (No translation == C locale == metric).

This sounds like something should be fixed for 1.0 too. Thanks


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