RE: [Epiphany] Re: How to add new smart bookmark

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>From: "David Adam Bordoley" <>
>To: Stephen Blake <>
>Cc: Epiphany Mailing List <>
>Subject: [Epiphany] Re: How to add new smart bookmark
>Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 19:01:03 -0400
>Stephen Blake writes:
>> Hi all,
>> First off, epiphany rules!
>> Second, I'm wondering if there's a way, other than hand editing the
>> bookmarks.xml to add a new smart bookmark. I'd like to add a javascript
>> bookmark to add a bookmark of the current page to my bookmark server.
>> Did "bookmark" show up in that sentence enough times to thoroughly
>> confuse you? :)
>> Thanks,
>> Stephen
>There's no gui for this. One option would be to create a webpage with links
>to these bookmarks, from which you could use bookmark link for each
>bookmark. I don't forsee us adding a gui for creating smartbookmarks (its
>pretty hackerish feature in that sense), however I would like to see us
>up a webpage of user provided smartbookmarks that users can go to to get
>more smartbookmarks. Another option is to point users at the galeon smart
>bookmarks database, if the galeon devs don't mind.

I would not oppose to a home:somenicename page with an a form where you
can put the smb properties, and a link would be created from it. It can
be explained in the FAQ or something ... it should not be exposed in the
Someone would have to do the work, though.


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