Re: [Epiphany] Bookmarks system

Marco Pesenti Gritti <> wrote:

> In epiphany the main way to browse bookmarks is supposed to be the
> dialog. I think submenus are hard to use, and things get worst while the
> bookmarks collection grows.
> A dialog, if kept very simple, can provide an easier way to find the
> bookmark you need: it's easier to use and more powerfull (contains for
> example search capabilities).

My only comment so far is this. I'm not always searching for a particular
bookmark. If I pull down the bookmarks menu, simply hovering the mouse over
a submenu opens it. This gives me instant visual cue of whats inside. In
dialog, it's not so easy. Clicking each topic, moving to the right to scroll,
moving left to click the next topic. The time needed to just browse the
collection goes up fourfold.

For me, I am mostly thinking what site should I visit now? Then I browse..
and if I'm in need of a specific bookmark, chances are I know exactly where
it is (Emily's livejournal is under Friends) they are in submenus for a
reason. The same reason you would apply a keyword/topic. And I feel that
using the mouse to select it is much faster than typing or opening a dialog.

I think there is also a usability issue in frequently opening such dialogs.
Just in time wasted during this extra process. Might not apply to most modern
systems, but I don't feel linux is made specificaly for modern systems either.
The dialog takes aprox 2-3sec to open and become usable on my system.

> Also I feel the ability to provide a flat list of most used bookmarks in
> the Go menu more useful than a dup of the session history.
> To avoid the conflict with people used to the menu, we could allow to
> drag All on the toolbars.

Does this flat list act as a tree or simply show all bookmarks like it does
in the dialog? Also, topics should not be case-sensitive.


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