Re: [Epiphany] Image properties

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:16:25 -0500, Brandon Wittenburg wrote something resembling:
> Hello. I would like to ask about the possibility to add a feature to
> Epiphany. When one performs a "right-click" over an image displayed on a
> web page, many available actions are listed. It would be nice to have an
> action that would display the image properties (i.e. Image location,
> size, width, height). Many browsers will present this option, and will
> display the image properties in a dialog box.
yeah, this would perhaps be one of the few menu items i would use...
look at an image that is contained within a <a>...</a>, the context-menu
for such an image has 13 (thirteen!) menu-items in it (excluding three
separators).  this, i feel, is a bit overkill...i understand that the
menu is generated automagically depending on if its a link or image or
both, but wouldn't it be possible to limit this menu a bit?


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