Re: [Epiphany] Bookmark crashes

On 20 Jun 2003 21:08:23 +0200
Marco Pesenti Gritti <> wrote:

> > i'm using epiphany 0.7.0 on Debian Unstable and it works great, apart
> > from a similar bookmark-prob,  if a webpage is open and you press the
> > right mouse-button and choose"add bookmark", and then *not* choosing a
> > topic but just pressing "ok" then epiphany almost always crashes
> > (unfortunately i'm not sure whether that *always* happens)
> > 
> > (and i didn't know whether i should blame epi or unstable:-)
> Epiphany 0.7 had a bug with bookmarks menu that was causing crash when
> adding bookmarks.
> The bug described by Igor would not seem like the same, it would be nice
> if you could report it with a trace.

bug-buddy didn't have epiphany as an option, so here's a manual trace,
good news however! after a dist-upgrade (last one was a couple of days ago
or so) i can't reproduce the problem any longer :)

i don't know whether the trace can be useful any longer, but i'll attach
it anyway

and thanks for epiphany-browser!


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