Re: [Epiphany] Most used bookmarks in Go menu

On Sun, 15 Jun 2003 02:14:57 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote something resembling:
> We should decide if we want to keep them there ... I need to do some
> code changes and dont want to do them for nothing ;)
> Should they be in Bookmarks menu submenu instead ? Should they be
> dropped completely ?
> I think having a fast way to access most used bookmarks from a main menu
> is nice, on the other hand there is nothing that suggest the list in Go
> menu is the list of most used sites.
> Opinions ?
I have never ever used the list in the go menu.  then again, i never us
the go menu period (or any other menu really).  but i do think that is a
rather weird feature to have.  when i see it i generally feel 'woah,
that is really cluttering up that menu'.

and another thing (sorry for being off-topic): who ever uses the 'Send
to' menu item in the file menu?


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