Re: [Epiphany] Re: [Usability] User defined metadata (was: epiphanytoolbar/bookmarks)

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Bruce Alderson wrote:

> > Also, Marco keeps saying that typing into the URL bar isn't the prefered
> > way of accessing bookmarks but I really REALLY wish it could be.
> > Basically, the only thing it's missing (in my view) is case insensitve
> > search.  If I could type the name of a topic or bookmark in lower case
> > and basically do a search without opening the window that would be
> Doesn't this require a good deal of discovery on the user's part?  While a
> cool approach (quite usable once discovered), how would someone figure it
> out?  Some sort of strong visual hint or clue would really be needed, imo.

I don't know.  I do know that it "feels right", and that as soon as you start
typing a url, you'll notice it as it autocompletes to your bookmarks.  Whether
there's a large class of users who would never find it is another question, but
I don't think that means it should continue to be broken.
Adam Lopresto

 "To my knowledge, I've not said one thing yet in this life that would be truly
  and profoundly good quoting material."

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