Re: [Epiphany] Re: "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

Il mar, 2003-07-01 alle 01:31, David Adam Bordoley ha scritto:

> > 
> >  > I'm not saying this should be disabled by default.. 
> > 
> >  FWIW, I am.  I'm feeling lucky is a horrible default.  It has
> >  non-predictable non-defined behaviour.  Futhermore, the user can't
> >  override the computer's choice. 
> > 
> I'm somewhat mixed on this. The main reason i've stood so firmly on keeping 
> the current behavior is two fold: 
> 1) google search is already available from the bookmarks bar.
> 2) I sort of like the url-less ui it creates. (Instead of knowing a specific 
> address, you can just type text that gives you the closes (sic?) match ) 
> I fully agree that a pref here is overkill. It seems that the arguments 
> presented here focus more on people's dislike of the default, and would find 
> google search more useful (and so instead of asking us to change the 
> default, in true open source fashion they ask for a pref).

The main reason why I didn't ask about a 'default' behaviour, is that
choices you devs made, followed the guidelines of the project. Indeed
I'm not asking to change those guidelines (by changing browser default
features), but I asked whether was possible to let hackish users change
_configurable_ options, as they like.

Infact, my premise was this: "I am NOT linux apps programmer (so I can't
understand what my requests/questions really mean coding-wise: since I
found the file where the guilty pref was written (stored in my home
folder) why can't I modify it? is it possible to let users modify that
file (~/.gnome2/apps/epiphany/mozilla/prefs.js IIRC)?"

Then Marcelo got succeptible about what I asked and still I can't figure
out why, perhaps he had bad times...

So nobody (as far as I can understand) answered my question.

>  I have to admit 
> to being somewhat perplexed as it seems that most of the users who are 
> complaining are those who would be most likely to use a bookmarks toolbar 
> which includes a default google search smartbookmark. 

There are difference between putting keywords in the address bar and
using smart bookmarks, for example:

	a) UI gets more complicated having more boxes to choose from
	b) smart bookmarks google box is shorter than address bar so it 	  
gets difficult to enter a long sentence to search	
> Anyway I am open to endorsing a change in the default if it is decided that 
> this is better for our target user base (of which I claim no one on this 
> list is probably part of [2]) but of course the final decision is up to 
> marco. 

Perhaps it is not better for 'target user base' IMO.

> dave
> [1] though I would drop the text about the files which incidentally doesn't 
> actually work, but i'm hoping it will in the future :) 
> [2] I think this is the inherent problem in open source development. The 
> users you wish to design for and reach are almost never the users who 
> interact on mailing list, use betas and file bugs. (considering that 90% of 
> web users don't use tabs, its pretty amazing how much time is spent in 
> bugzilla and on this list discussing them). 


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