[Epiphany] Re: Memory footprint

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 09:28, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> Igor Lev writes: 
> > This was after using it for a while. Could this number be a result of me
> > having my cache set to 50MB [the default I believe]. When I just start
> > epiphany I get around 45MB for the same amount of windows so I'm
> > assuming the rest comes from caching content in memory. It also jumps up
> > significantly  when I'm using plugins with large memory footprints such
> > as acroread, but that, I would think, is pretty much expected. I do,
> > however, have a question for anyone who's had any luck in getting the
> > bonobo stuff embedded in epiphany with regard to the memory footprint
> > those plugins have.  
> > 
> That cache pref affects the amount of hard disk size available to moz to 
> cache previously viewed webpages. There used to be a pref for memory size 
> but moz can determine an optimum level by itself now. 
Very interesting, thnx for that info. I wasn't really sure where the
cache was located actually. 
> dave

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