Re: [Epiphany] RE: Make Epiphany Open New Windows as a new Tab

Il sab, 2003-08-09 alle 20:10, Paul Vandenberg ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Thanks to all who've responded. When I go to Preferences, under the General tab, the only option I see relating to Tab behaviour is "Open in tabs by default". That option makes tabs appear even when you only have one open. What I was after is an option that forces new windows to open as a tab. Sometimes you click on a link on a web page and it spawns a new window that loads the URL you clicked. I would like to be able to have that new window open as a new tab in the current window. I can force this behaviour in Mozilla Firebird though the Tab Browsing extension. I select "Single Window Mode" and everything opens as a tab in the current window.

We are in feature freeze atm, so we cant change these things. We now
current pref has some problems thought, so we plan to rethink it after
GNOME 2.4.
Btw what Firebird does for popups (automatically loaded popups) when
single window mode is enabled ?

> This is not a big deal, just kind of nice to have.
> BTW, congrats to all who work on Epiphany. I was skeptical at first, but I must say that it is a beautiful piece of software. It was one of the reasons that I switched from KDE to GNOME. I'm trying to spread the word about Epiphany as well.

Thanks :)


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