[Epiphany] RE: Make Epiphany Open New Windows as a new Tab


Thanks to all who've responded. When I go to Preferences, under the General tab, the only option I see relating to Tab behaviour is "Open in tabs by default". That option makes tabs appear even when you only have one open. What I was after is an option that forces new windows to open as a tab. Sometimes you click on a link on a web page and it spawns a new window that loads the URL you clicked. I would like to be able to have that new window open as a new tab in the current window. I can force this behaviour in Mozilla Firebird though the Tab Browsing extension. I select "Single Window Mode" and everything opens as a tab in the current window.

This is not a big deal, just kind of nice to have.

BTW, congrats to all who work on Epiphany. I was skeptical at first, but I must say that it is a beautiful piece of software. It was one of the reasons that I switched from KDE to GNOME. I'm trying to spread the word about Epiphany as well.


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