Re: [Epiphany] Re: [Usability]Epiphany default toolbar layout

> > Definitely. I find that my non-technical friends and family use it as a kind
> > of panic button. When they're lost or restarting their thought processes
> > (sitting down to browse), they hit the home button to 'start afresh'. Often
> > they have it set to a major news site, portal, or Google.
> I used to have Google set as my home page, but not anymore as I use (in
> Mozilla) the search function built into the location bar.
> For a while I set my bookmarks.html as my Homepage, my own mini-portal.
> Mostly I use about:mozilla or about:blank as my homepage because it feels
> faster (i know it reality it is not any more efficient).

More or less like here. I have blank as homepage and two location bar
searches ;)

> The bug report mentions the print button.  Print in the file menu really
> should be enough besides Printing web pages is fundamentally wrong, a
> habit not to be encouraged, save the rainforests!

I agree on this.

> > > - Is the Spinner necessary ? I tried to browse without it for some weeks
> > > now, the page loading feedback in the statusbar would appear to be
> > > enough.
> I can honestly say I have never used the spinner (except for that easter
> egg where Netscape logo turns into Mozilla) the progress bar in the status
> bar is what I use (and yes, I still suffer 56k dialup on a regular basis,
> I am even using the "no images" toolbar button when I have to suffer
> Netscrape 4x).  Unfortunately all it does is move to indicate activity
> which is far less useful than a progress bar that actually indicates what
> proportion of the task is done.  Progress and status are synonymous, so I
> think the placing of the progress bar should be obvious, even though I
> will admit that the progress bar in Safari is quite nice.

Yeah this is exactly why I dont feel it very necessary ...

> >> useful - If you have tabs that are off screen, then the spinner lets you
> >> know that something, somewhere is doing something, but I don't think
> Mozilla indicates if a tab is loading by spinning the little tab, I really
> dont think you need the spinner.  From reading Mozilla bugzilla I know
> that some users do find the spinner a useful quick link to
> Mozilla/Netscape, but primarily it is an exercise in branding.
> [I did try and check to see if epiphany tabs have a similar little icon
> but there are not screenshots here
> but I realise you are getting around to it (google is great)

Yeah we have it.

> It would be brilliant if moving stuff around the toolbar was as easy and
> consistant as moving stuff around the panel and done the same way.  I know
> that in "The Browser formerly known as Phoenix" it is that easy, but you
> have to go to the preferences dialog to make the changes, which might
> actually be an advatage preventing accidental and unwanted changes.

Epiphany toolbar editor is very similar to Phoenix one. Except we have a
dialog instead of a drop down for implementation issues.

> Hope some of that helps.  (You've piqued my interest, off to join the
> epiphany mailing list).

Welcome :)


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