RE: [Epiphany] problems

>[robert@mostpress epiphany-0.2]$ epiphany
>** (epiphany:8587): CRITICAL **: file ephy-automation.c: line 78
>(ephy_automation_new): assertion `factory != NULL' failed

This means you have not installed epiphany in the same prefix as your gnome
installation. You should do so or configure bonobo to look in the other
prefix too.

>epiphany: relocation error: epiphany: undefined symbol:
>[robert@mostpress epiphany-0.2]$

Ugh not sure about this, how did you compile mozilla ?

>BTW: what does prolly mean? Hey - I'm from Austria and it's not in my
>dictionary ;-)

Heh just "probably" ;)

>BTW2: Did you already visit (will take
>some time to get used to typing instead of

Argh, looks like all names are taken.


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