Re: Portable any map

Am Freitag, den 25.03.2011, 13:17 +0100 schrieb paul chavent fnac net:
> Hello eog list readers.

Hi Paul.
> I'm not sure that eog support portable any map format (perhaps the files i have tested are not well formatted).
> This format does not seem to be supported by the default readers (gweenview, gqview, ...) of some distributions (slackware and ubuntu at least). Do you know some reasons of this poor support (patent problem, buggy specs, ...) ?
> Would you accept this feature in eog ? Can i purpose my help to enable this format in eog ?

I can't talk about the other viewers (although I am not aware of patent
issues regarding these comparatively simple formats), but eog's file
support is defined by the loader plugins that are installed for the
GdkPixbuf library. This ships with that can read PPMs and sister formats
by default, so eog should open such files just fine already.

If you get errors opening these files with eog despite having the
necessary loader installed (check the output of gdk-pibuf-query-loaders)
and they open fine elsewhere (e.g. ImageMagick's display tool) please
open a report on our Bugzilla with a sample image so we can take a look
at it (assuming you are allowed to publish such an image).



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