Re: Status bar information

Hello Alexander,

Am Donnerstag, den 20.01.2011, 13:26 +0300 schrieb Alexander:
> Hello, sorry if this question is very stupid, but nevertheless
> I haven't found answer to it.
> So, what is displayed in the status bar, particularly for the gif
> images?
> I see there size in pixels, size on disk, then some percentage,
> and some relation.
> What means those percents and relation.

The percents are the zoom factor that is currently applied to the image.

The relation is the count of images eog has recognized in the current
folder and where in this count the current image is (e.g. 3/6 = third of
six images).

> I'm asking because I have two .gif files with identical number
> of pixels, but they are displayed differently( different size and
> height/width ratio ) on the screen.
> Why does it happen?

Hmm, this could happen due to different window sizes. Every image is
scaled to fit into the eog window. This means if it is too large for the
window's viewing area it will be scaled down (never scaled up) until it
is completely visible. So, if the windows are not exactly equally sized
or more precisely the image viewing area is not equally sized (e.g. one
window has the collection bar active while the other does not),
different zoom factors can happen.



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