Re: Python plugin API not working as expected

Am Freitag, den 19.12.2008, 09:22 +0100 schrieb Johannes Marbach:
> Hi.

> I'm having a problem with eog's Python plugin API. According to
> bindings/python/eog.defs there should be the functions get_image_by_pos
> for eog.ListStore and open_uri_list for eog.Window, but I get an
> exception when trying to call any of those two.
> AttributeError: 'eog.ListStore' object has no attribute
> 'get_image_by_pos'
> AttributeError: 'eog.Window' object has no attribute 'open_uri_list'
> Also the C function for eog.Window.open_uri_list should be
> eog_window_open_uri_list, but that function doesn't seem to exist.
> There's only eog_window_open_file_list.
> Can someone please enlighten me?

The open_uri_list warning is a left-over from the GnomeVFS->GIO
migration which happened for 2.24. We seem to have forgotten to update
the Python bindings then, so there are probably more functions not
working. I hopefully find the time to look at it again in time for 2.26.
The right binding would be, as you already guessed, open_file_list. The
bindings generator is unfortunately not picking it up directly atm,
probably due to GIO. Have to check if PyGTK has catched up with the
necessary GIO-support yet (my distro still only offers 2.13.0).

For the other one, the bindings generator spits out a warning:
"Could not write method EogListStore.get_image_by_pos: No ArgType for
So the function is not wrapped right now. Need to investigate that one.

As you can see, eog's Python bindings are generally a bit buggy. ;-)


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