Re: eog does not prserve EXIF when saving

On 27.6.2005, at 8:52, Jens Finke wrote:

Hallo Valdimir,

for such questions there is an eog mailing list: eog-list gnome org

Vladimir Kotal schrieb:
I use EOG pretty frequently and it is wonderfull (yet simple) tool but which annoys me is that it does not preserve EXIF part of JPEG files when doing rotation and than saving (at least in Fedora Core 4 running Gnome). Do you plan to implement this in future versions ?

I don't know what eog configuration/version FC 4 ships. So eog does preserve EXIF information (I use it myself pretty frequently) if you compile it with EXIF support. To enable this you must have libexif installed when compiling eog.

I should be replying to my own post here, but I have not Cc'ed myself..

I think I have found the cause - if the directory in which pictures are rotated+saved contains spaces, the EXIF tags of these pictures are not preserved. I have verified this on couple of directories.


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