Includes patch

Hi Ronald,

Ronald Bultje wrote:
> > Ah, now I see: Do you have the latest 1.4.x packages installed? Only
> > with these packages the libraries are fully parallel installable. So
> > that the include path for Gnome1 is
> > /usr/include/libgnome-1.0/libgnome/gnome.h.
> This is correct. However, the patch still makes sense.
> A) it doesn't make sense to upgrade gnome-1.4 in order to install
> gnome-2.0

Oh, it does. Only the latest 1.4.x release is fully capable to work with a
Gnome 2.0 environment. That it builds doesn't mean that it runs :). Eg.
gconf and ORBit must both run two instances, one for every desktop
version, which should also ideally communicate with each other.

> B) including /usr/include in the includes path is evil by definition,
> whether it causes compiler problems or not. It shouldn't be there in the
> first place, even if I didn't have compiler problems.

Yes, I applied your patch and also removed the stupid -I. include
paths. Thanks.



 -= =-   -= jens triq net =-

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