[Engagement] Relaying out bug fixes news via social media

Hi there,

We have come up with an idea in the area of social media outreach and
it would be glad if you can share your views on it. The idea is to
relay news out in the social media whenever any bug/issue is fixed via
dedicated GNOME Bugs' Social Media Channels (thereafter referred as

GNOME Bugs' SMC are not created yet and will be separate from main
GNOME handles. You can take a look at LibreOffice's bug channel [1].

Although, based on the severity of the bug/issue, the main GNOME
handle can retweet/relay the link on it's own account. The idea is to
keep a separate bug SMC is:

* Not to make main GNOME handle very noisy
* To have automated GNOME bugs SMC

I think that most of us agree that social media is the fastest way to
get information out. Therefore, as far as code development is
concerned, it takes a while till the information is actually relayed
out. Mostly, until someone blogs about it and then pick up by other
blogs and so on..

We can get fast here and be more verbose about the work that goes into
everyday. In addition to that, we want it to be automated; similar to

Now comes the most interesting part. It would be really great if we
can mention "Newcomers" and their internet handle in the bug SMC link;
That should really make them feel special as they can show to the
world that they have done something great and brag! Again making that
automated would require some thought in organizing that kind of
process so Carlos Soriano would give better perspective. But all in
all, this stuff is great for newcomers engagement and outreach.

This discussion actually happened in Telegram "GNOME Engagement"
channel this evening. So, it would be great if you can share your
views/consensus here.

[1] https://twitter.com/LibreOfficeBugs

Thank you

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