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On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, selinger mathstat dal ca wrote:

thanks for your reply. Of course I am already a Skype user. But I am
specifically interested in finding some open source software that can
connect to existing H.323 teleconferencing equipment.

YATE does sip and h323.  I also saw from this review that there are SIP
to h323 gateways like Seevogh that let you use SIP clients with h323

Occasionally someone requires this. For example, this week I must
participate remotely in a Ph.D. defense in France and the use of Skype
has been specifically forbidden. (Maybe for ideological reasons, as
you say, or more likely, because it is unreliable enough that people
usually spend most of their time worrying about resuming dropped
calls, rather than getting on with the meeting).  In that situation, I

Skype also works by downloading executable code (codecs) from random
nodes on the internet.  Its security depends on Parties of Evil Intent
not having the brains to disassemble and reverse engineer the Skype
binaries.  Thanks, but no thanks.  (Hopefully, said code must be signed
by the Skype software owners, but who knows, it is a black box.)

              Stuart D. Gathman <stuart gathman org>
"Confutatis maledictis, flamis acribus addictis" - background song for
a Microsoft sponsored "Where do you want to go from here?" commercial.

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