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this is a newbie question. I am trying to install Ekiga on an Ubuntu
19.04 system. I ran into several problems:

* there doesn't seem to be an ekiga package in Ubuntu 19.04. At any
  rate, "apt install ekiga" said there was no such package.

* I downloaded the sources. "configure" complained about a missing
  Boost library, so I installed it with "apt install libboost-dev".
  Now I get the following:

checking for boostlib >= 1.34... yes
checking whether the Boost::Signals library is available... yes
configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!

  Since the previous two answers were "yes", I am not sure what is
  missing on the last line, nor how to install it. I'm not sure what
  "the library" is, if it is not "boostlib >= 1.34" or

Do you have some up-to-date installation instructions? I did check
the wiki at
"http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Installing_Ekiga_on_Linux";, but it
hasn't been updated since 2013 (the Ubuntu instructions date to 2011).

Or if this project is dead, is there a replacement that you can

Thanks, -- Peter

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