Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga can't start a h263/263+/264 video chat

On 19/01/16 04:11, MichaelLeung wrote:
hi list

my distribution is archlinux up to date and ekiga 4.0.1

my ekiga can only start a h261 video chat ,

everytime i try to start a h263/263+/264 video chat i got a error like
"H263+   Error linking function avcodec_init,
error=/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: avcodec_init"

seems ekiga can't load those libinary file correctly .

In my opinion, the problem is that ffmpeg has not been installed "fully". It seems that avcodec_init function does not exist... Could you check if it is in the library?

any body face this issue before ?

We have had similar problems when ffmpeg was installed without some video codecs, but I do not think this is your case.


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