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Am 31.05.2015 um 17:14 schrieb Damien Sandras:

Le dimanche 31 mai 2015 à 14:58 +0200, schwatzi web de a écrit :

the homepage says "SIP dialog-info notifications: they allow displaying 
notifications of incoming calls in the roster, and being informed of 
incoming calls reaching your contacts (if the server supports it, e.g., Kamailio and Asterisk do) ".

To receive notifications with dialog-info ekiga have to subscribe for 
event: dialog, right ? But it's only subscribing for event: presence.
How can i get dialog-infos ?

It should subscribe automatically. What release are you using?
In the upcoming 5.0, I think it has not been reimplemented.
I'm using 4.0.1 from ubuntu 15.04 repos

The SUBSCRIBE looks like this:

SUBSCRIBE sip:101 192 168 1 50 SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK1a52c3c8-1f06-e511-9ff9-6cf049012665;rport
User-Agent: Ekiga/4.0.1
From: <sip:100 192 168 1 50>;tag=564dc3c8-1f06-e511-9ff9-6cf049012665
Call-ID: f431c3c8-1f06-e511-9ff9-6cf049012665 homepc
Supported: eventlist
To: <sip:101 192 168 1 50>
Accept: application/pidf+xml
Accept: multipart/related
Accept: application/rlmi+xml
Contact: <sip:100 192 168 1 15:5060>
Expires: 300
Event: presence
Content-Length: 0
Max-Forwards: 70

There is no SUBSCRIBE with Event: dialog

Is ekiga capable of performing a call pickup after receiving the 
dialog-info ?

Well, unfortunately not :(
You can report a bug though.
Thanks, I will create a bug report.


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