[Ekiga-list] Echo tests on ekiga

I am trying to understand properly how to navigate firewalls using
ekiga. I have read the wiki and even contributed to it in the past.

Just now I using wireshark to compare a failed echo test (ekiga.net's own
on 500) and the ideal sip successful echo test when sent via ekiga net.

ekiga is set to use udp_port_range (on this machine) of 5081:5089 and
the firewall forwards those ports & 5080 to this machine.  The sip
listen_port is 5080.  ATM I am testing audio only, so although
tcp_port_range is set to 30000:30010, the firewall is *not* forwarding
those ports.

I attach the two simple (wide) text flow recordings from wireshark
of the successful and failed calls. Wireshark does not decode the
udp audio packets in the successful call, so that is not shown.

In the failed call to 500 ekiga net, the first INVITE goes out,
and ekiga.net replies with the 407 Authentication request.
ekiga responds with the ACK and the modified INVITE, but ekiga.net
never responds (or is blocked by the firewall) thereafter.

Is this enough for an expert to explain what is happening?

I can of course post a -d4 log etc. if more information is needed, but I
wanted to keep this initial post simple and short.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.


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