[Ekiga-list] ekiga -d 4 output is going where?

This is weird. On Debian testing
  ekiga -d 4 2>&1 > /tmp/ekiga.dmp
produces no output: ekiga.dmp is created but is empty.

Variations on the same theme also do not produce the expected output as
for example

ekiga -d 4 2>&1 |less

ekiga -d 4  *does* flood the terminal as expected.

echo "testing" 2>&1 >/tmp/test.txt works properly.

I think that I am closing the output stream on ekiga just by choosing
"Quit" from the ekiga menu.

Am I forgetting/overlooking something elementary? I do hope it is not
systemd fouling things up as usual...


PS. The ekiga manual does not seem to mention the ekiga wiki.

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