Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga with ipkall over VPN, 30-45 seconds of silence before something comes over the line

On 04/02/15 12:05, myLC gmx net wrote:
Thank you for your answer Eugen! :)

The -d 4 log contains tons of private information. I had a look at it and retried. It turned out
there was always a silence of EXACTLY 30 seconds before the sound came through. I searched the
Internet and found that others had similar issues with the "magic 30 seconds barrier". One of
them posted a viable solution, which works fine for me as well => use Linphone. With Linphone
the connection is almost instantly with sound.
I'm guessing that you may not like this solution, but giving how many have tried to knock down
this wall, I simply spared myself the trouble.

No problem, I understand.


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