Re: [Ekiga-list] Prack issue

Hello Damien,
If you check the link you specified ( you can see:
-U1 (180 Ringing):
    -The remote target is set to the URI from the Contact header field of the response
-U1 (ACK):
    -The route set is not empty, and the first URI in the route set contains the lr (loose routing) parameter: the UAC places the remote target URI into the Request-URI and includes a Route header field containing the route set values in order

The R-Uri of the prack message (from Ekiga1) has to contains the Ekiga2 IP, because if the R-Uri of the prack coming from Ekiga1 doesn't contains the Ekiga2 IP, the Kamailio doesn't "know" where to send the message.

Thanks for your time and regards,
Ruben Gracia

On 07/05/14 09:59, Damien Sandras wrote:
Hello Ruben,

I think your kamailio config does not handle the PRACK.

Actually, the ACK request and the PRACK requests follow the same routing procedure :

The PRACK request should thus be sent to the first route of the dialog, which is the proxy. This is because the proxy forces record routing. If the proxy was not forcing record routing, BYE, ACK and PRACK requests would be routed directly "peer to peer". But that would mean that the proxy would be unaware of those requests. That is why most configurations force record routing.

If you have access to the configuration of your kamailio proxy, just replace is_method("ACK") by is_method("PRACK).


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