Re: [Ekiga-list] HP HD Webcam video not working

On 14/03/14 09:05, Kevin Wilson wrote:
Here is the log file extract from the video preview. It seems that either
the formats are not supported or my directx is not happy?

The error is at line:
> 2014/03/14 09:38:54.926 0:42.935 GMVideoOut...ager:12988 DirectX no Overlay Capabilities

So it seems your video card does not have an overlay. Do you know why? Do you have another application which uses it, such as virtualbox?

Note that in the development code of ekiga, video checking has been changed, and the above check is not done anymore. So I suggest you to wait a bit, until the development version becomes stable.

PS When answering to this e-mail, do not create a new e-mail message, but just answer to this one.


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