[Ekiga-list] Unable to use video / sound in conversation


I have Ekiga on Linux Mint, and a tried to start a conversation with someone on Windows 7. However, when I call and he answers, nothing happens.
I must click on the contact in the contact-list to make the conversation appearing, and to write messages (which work well). However, if I try tu use the webcam & microphone, it doesn't work at all : Sometimes, it makes Ekiga crashing, but more often, i can only see my webcam, but my correspondant's one.
And he can't see me, not even his webcam.

I don't know if it's linked to the difference between the OS used, I can't try with something else.
The webcams are both well-detected in Ekiga Options.

Have you any idea ?

I'm available if you need some tests,

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