Re: [Ekiga-list] How to separate conversation and ringing devices ?

On 23/03/13 17:57, geo cherchetout wrote:

My soundcard is "Creative labs Live! EMU10k1 (rev 07)" with several
output jacks, so I can choose successfully wich one to play sounds like

$ aplay -D front file.wav
$ aplay -D rear file.wav

I should like to have Ekiga using one output for ringing playback and
the other output for conversation playback.

Ekiga knows these playback devices:

/dev/dsp (PTLIB/OSS)
Default (PTLIB/ALSA)
SB Live! Value [CT4830] (PTLIB/ALSA)
SB Live! Value [CT4830] (1) (PTLIB/ALSA)
SB Live! Value [CT4830] (2) (PTLIB/ALSA)
ptlib pulse plugin (PTLIB/Pulse)

but no matter which one I set, ringing and conversation are always
played on the same front output. :-(

The three SB Live! values you see are the three shown by aplay -l. front and rear are shown by aplay -L, and ptlib does not take them into account.

I am not 100% sure still.


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