Re: [Ekiga-list] always offline [SOLUTION]

Initial problem was caused because was not in the
Account Name: field.

Every time I opened Ekiga it tried 3 or more times to register.
After x amount of attempts, diamondcard will blacklist your ip address
and will silently drop all packets to which gets you
the offline message.

If you run
      dig +short SRV
you will get their sip servers. If you can ping one and not the other, you know your ip has been blacklisted.
I'll even guess pinging the server can get you blacklisted.

You will have go to, click the Questions? chat with us button and leave a message.

In the message box enter
I have corrected my ekiga settings.
Would you please unblock my ip address.

You can get your WAN ip address at

------------- ekiga settings ------------

Ignore the help "Account name, e.g. MyAccount" when in the Name: box has to be in the Name: and Registrar: boxes.

User:                5xxxxx
Authentication user: 5xxxxx
Password:            pin_here
Timeout:             3600

The ONLY changes made/needed in the Ekiga Preferences section were.

Suggest setting your Audio Codecs order to improve handshake speed.
Use the arrow buttons to set this codec order

Do set you Audio Devices.
Under Audio->Devices
click the Detect devices bottom right
the Default (PTLIB/ALSA) for ringing, output, and input worked for me on
a PulseAudio enabled/controlled system.

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