Re: [Ekiga-list] web site translation ?

‎תאריך: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:16:41 +0200
 ‎מאת: Dima <dima minignu minidns net>

> > The ones who are managing may contact with the
> > lead developer of Gajim concerning to how to make them easily
> > translatable just as is
> > 
> > If you need Hebrew, contact me ;-)
> למה לא ?
> Why not... ?
> The hebrew on the Gajim page reads most of the time as a natural,
> spoken hebrew. If a right-to-left infrastructure for hebrew costs
> zero, why not have it? Maybe someone will contribute translation to
> pages here and there...

Shalom Dima,

I am not certainly understand what you are referring to. Did you refer
to the Right-to-left alignment or did you apply that the translation is
not clear enough?

I am not the lead Hebrew translator of Gajim (software), but I am the
one who translated the website into Hebrew. If you have any suggestions
concerning to how to improve website translation, please
write them to me :-)

The alignment of was somewhat tricky. Eventually, we have
added to reverse the text alignment.
The alignment should not be difficult to manipulate and I assume that
it will not take so long to accomplish as I recall my correspondence
regarding to extra RSS feeds, with the website admin (I think it is
Yannick) and he was quite fast.

> P.S.
> has blocked reception of this message on the first
> attempt...

Proper English
4 teh lulz...

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