[Ekiga-list] Solved: Re: Ekiga crashed every time by dialling

Hi Eugen, @ll,

Am 09.12.2012 21:17, schrieb Eugen Dedu:
On 09/12/12 17:35, Irmhild Rogalla wrote:

I got trouble with the ekiga on Debian wheezy and also Ubuntu 12.04.

I use ekiga (3.2.7) only as client for VoIP at a Fritz!Box 7360 SL.

In principal, it works, incoming calls are possible.

But: every time, if I dial an (internal or external) number, ekiga
dials, but crashed exactly at the moment the dialed nummer pick up the
I tried port forwarding and other hints, I googled, but nothing works.

What can I do?

Upgrade ekiga to at least 3.9.90 please, because 3.2.7 is too old to
maintain. It is available in debian experimental for ex.

It needs some time ;-) but now I did it: I made an upgrade to ekiga (on debian sid now) and: it works without any problem! No change in configuration or anything else was necessary.


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