Re: [Ekiga-list] webcam trouble

On 19/10/12 06:08, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:
I tried with 3.9.90.  Did a fresh download and install.  But it still does not work.  When I click on "view image from own camera" the built-in webcam flickers on but does not show any image.  I double-checked the video options.  My webcam is listed in it.  So it appears that ekiga does recoginize the webcam and is able to switch it on and off but is not able to display the image.

I tried with skype and it works just fine.  The webcam comes on, displays the image etc etc...

And, no, I did not have skype and ekiga running simultaneously.  So there ought to be no contention for the webcam.

Could you please give us a -d output for 3.9.90?

I noticed it too on a Win7 machine, I am investigating.

On 24/05/12 11:17, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:

Here is the file from the Windows machine.
I tried to produce a similar file for you on the Ubuntu machine but the command "ekiga -d 4" ran, opened ekiga but did not produce ekiga-stderr on the desktop or anywhere else.  Perhaps for Linux the method is different?

- Sreenivas

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Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] webcam trouble

On 24/05/12 07:00, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:
Hello Eugen:

Sorry but I am not very technical.  How do I get what you have asked for: "the -d 4 output log"?  Please send me the command required to extract this log.  Thanks.

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Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] webcam trouble

On 05/04/12 14:41, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:

One clarification to my question below.  I can see my own video i.e. the local video.  What I am not able to see is the remote video.

Are there any special "video Echo" test numbers like the sip:500?

Sorry to answer so late.

500 ekiga net is audio and video.  If you do not see remote video, then
somewhere there is a problem.  We need the -d 4 output log, could you
send it?

I have been using Ekiga on both Ubuntu 11.10 and Vista and now on Windows 7.  But unfortunately only in Audio or voice mode.  I have never been able to get the video (I have tried both standalone webcam as well as fixed, integrated webcam) to work.  The webcams are fine because I have tried them with skype and they work just fine.

Some times I get a message that my webcam is already in use by another application and that Ekiga is unable to grab it.  This is not true because at that time I have absolutely nothing else running (definitely not skype).

So where am I going wrong?

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