Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga option

On 16/10/12 22:48, gideon425 gb6 mailnull com wrote:
The page

has limited information on which audio codecs to use. At the moment, I have G722 at the top of the list.
How should I configure things for maximum quality? How do I determine if bandwidth is likely to be an issue for me?

We could add some information to section 8.1.

Codecs at 16kHz are better than codecs at 8kHz, but use more bandwidth. I suggest to use speex: at 16kHz if you have sufficient bandwidth, otherwise at 8kHz, but I have very little experience on this. With speex 16kHz, if you speak without interruption, it could take, very approximately, 40kbit/s. Note that if you check on Silence detection, nothing is transmitted when you do not say anything.

I will add this to the manual.


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