Re: [Ekiga-list] Hello, ekiga.

On 06/10/12 10:29, kangsuil9 wrote:
Dear Ekiga,

This is Kang, from Korea. I am currently a student in a college in Korea and
studying WLAN and VoIP.

I am writing this mail to ask for some things about ekiga. I and my friends are
studying VoIP and preparing my project about

improvement of QoS in VoIP in Linux. I have picked this software as the
Application to test my study. I have istalled it manually by using open sources.

Before I ask, please be kind because there is a litte problem to understand what
I am saying, I have poor English;;

The first thing I want to ask is that in source i want to find where the packets
go through the transport layer after encoding step.

To Improve VoIP QoS, I want to first know the audio packets' path on the
sources. I can see many functions on sources so, it is very

difficult to recognize how the packets are passed. Could you please let me know
which cpp files cover this mechanism?

They are in opal library, see files src/sip/handlers.cxx and src/opal/transports.cxx for example, methods Write or WritePDU etc.

Secondly, I have tested ekiga on Infrastructure with two laptops and I got those
to connect with an Access Point in my room.

Using 'Wireshark' as you know, Packets capture tool, I captured the packets, but
the protocol of packets is H261, video codec protocol

When you your friend, H261 video codec is used by default.

and Type of service is '101' which is video type. I did not even use video
function when I call my friend.

I think that ToS should be '111' or '110'.

Lastly, if I had a chance to test by changing sources and apply the changes,
which steps should I go through?

I do just ./configure, make and make install. Are there more things I have to do?

If you modify ekiga: I think make and make install are sufficient.

If you modify ptlib or opal libraries, you have to execute make if you modify cxx files. If you modify other files (such as .h), ensure that your changes are compiled and taken into account.

Note that you have to work on ptlib and opal too, not only on ekiga.


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