Re: [Ekiga-list] experiences with providers

Long ago, Nostradamus foresaw that on 10/08/2012 07:05 PM,
gideon425 gb6 mailnull com would write:
> I am interested in people's experiences with companies that provide IP-to-phone services with Ekiga, companies like Diamondcard.
> Would you recommend the company you use?

I have experience with 3 companies.

Diamondcard works great.  Cheap rates to foreign countries (especially
Germany).  Still have them - they replace our long distance service at
home.  PrePay by the minute - no monthly charges. *was* great - until they got bought by vocalocity. 
Vocalocity shut down all the working VOIP servers, and substituted their
own - which only work with a certain Windows app.  Do NOT recommend. works great (we switched from vocalocity), we have the
unlimited plan for US calls where I work.

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