[Ekiga-list] ANNOUNCE - Ekiga 3.9.90 [UNSTABLE] available

Hello everyone,

Ekiga team is proud to announce the new 4.0.0 stable release of Ekiga!

It is a major release, with many stability improvements and several enhancements over previous releases, and we consider it to be the best ekiga release. As such, we suggest everyone to upgrade ekiga to this new release.

* What is it ?

Ekiga is a free Voice and Video over IP softphone allowing you to do free audio and video calls over the Internet.

Ekiga is the first Open Source application to support both H.323 and
SIP, as well as audio and video. Ekiga was formerly known as

More information can be found at http://www.ekiga.org

* Where to get it ?

Ekiga is available at:

Required librairies can be found at:

Install executable for Windows OS:

* What's changed ?

* Some major user-visible changes between ekiga 3.2.7 and 4.0.0, details are below
- Major overhaul of the main window
- Use gnome icons instead of ekiga's own
- Re-add back H264 and H263+ video plugins
- New pulse audio plugin (in ptlib)
- New audio codecs: SILK (used by skype), G.722.1 (aka Siren 7),
  G.722.2 (aka GSM-AMR Wide band)
- Fix H.323 gatekeeper support
- Call auto-answer
- Support for handling multiple video streams (H.239)
- Use spinner effect during ringing on the other party
- Unregister accounts when quitting
- Set presence to offline upon quitting
- Faster startup by not getting canonical name of servers
- Fixes for Contact field during registration:
  - Use two additional compatibility mode for some bogus registrars
  - Fix order of items in Contact field
- Add tooltips to various windows and dialog boxes
- Adjust defaults (show offline users, use picture-in-picture)
- Jabber/XMPP and GStreamer fixes
- [windows] Support mingw-w64 and its own headers for building

* Changes in ekiga 4.0.0 (2012-11-26)
** User-visible fixes
- Fix call auto-answer
- Fix group renaming in roster
- Fix migration of echo cancellation setting
- Migrate short_status setting
- Fix crashes on account editing/enabling/disabling/removing
- Fix freeze when changing fast account status
- Fix crash when the other party's names are not UTF-8 valid
- Fix possible crash on invalid fields during LDAP edit dialog box
- Fix a bug where notification disappears too fast
- Fix H.323 gatekeeper support
- Improve support for handling multiple video streams (H.239)
- Use spinner effect during ringing on the other party
- Use more icons from theme instead of Ekiga's own
- Show call info frame only during call
- Prevent some ugly window resizing due to countdown displaying
- Make sure call history is correctly ordered
- Use intermediate icon when changing status in roster
- Fix non-ASCII names shown in roster
- Ellipsize long user names in roster
- Some UI improvements to roster
- Consider more statuses as away, increasing interoperability
- Reset call window title in case of missed call too
- Fix hiding call window
- Add show preview menu entry in the main window
- Automatic zoom for small resolutions
- Use saner names for windows/dialogs
- Fix string capitalization in GUI according to HIG
- Update menu accordingly when (dis)enabling accounts in Account window
- Remove useless Start hidden option from Preferences
- Update built-in manual
- Fixes in call window on missed call
- Jabber/XMPP fixes
- GStreamer fixes
** Protocol fixes
** Distributor-visible changes
- new dependency: libv4l-dev (for HAL video hotplugging)
- new dependency: gnome-icon-theme (in fact in ekiga 3.9.90)
- libavcodec5x and gnome-icon-theme must be manually put as
  runtime dependencies, since they are loaded during runtime
- libnotify and avahi are now plugins
  - for better visual experience, ekiga developers highly recommend
    that libnotify plugin be automatically packaged with ekiga
- avahi is disabled by default
** Windows port fixes
- Allow execution from Start->Execute menu
** Build fixes
- Fix compile error with ffmpeg
- Fix compile error on kFreeBSD
- Fix compile errors on older libnotify
- Fix compile error with -Wformat-security
- Add gnome-icon-theme dependency
- Replace some GTK3 deprecated functions
- Replace deprecated opal registration code
** Translation updates
- Updated translations: as, bn_IN, ca, ca@valencia, cs, de, en@GB, es,
  fi, fr, gl, gu, hi, hu, id, it, kn, lt, lv, ml, mr, nb, pa, pl, ru,
  sl, sr, sr@latin, te, zh_HK, zh_TW
- Removed obsolete translations: be
- Updated help translations: de, es

On behalf of Ekiga/ptlib/opal teams,
Eugen Dedu

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