Re: [Ekiga-list] webcam trouble

On 02/11/12 13:44, Philipp Pavelka wrote:

I've a similar problem.
I'm on Windows 7 x64 and get absolutely no video whether from my webcam nor
the remote conference partner.

Please find the debug log here:

"Function "pStreamConfig->SetFormat(pMediaFormat)" failed : Es wurde ein
ungültiger Medientyp angegeben."
This message sounds suspicious to me. It appears when I want to show my own
webcam video.


The error is:
2012/11/02 03:52:49.937 0:06.576 GMVideoOut...nager:6180 DirectX no Overlay Capabilities and the code in is:
  if (!(ddCaps.dwCaps & DDCAPS_OVERLAY)) {
    PTRACE (1, "DirectX\tno Overlay Capabilities");
    return false;

I do not know why you receive that, do you have an idea?

For the reference, my error on Win7 is the same as


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