Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem with SIP

On 19/04/12 16:02, Simon Brûlé wrote:
Hi, my problem is the following : I can't connect to my SipXecs server with
the hostname of the server with Ekiga but with X-Lite on a Windows VM i am
able to connect without any trouble. Everything is in the same subnet there
is a router that is use like a switch because it's not giving DHCP.

There is my Laptop with Ubuntu an Ekiga installed on it. There is a Vm
install on it of windows XP with x-lite installed. It's connected in a
router where my VMWare server is and on this VMWare server there is my
SipXecs server. The Ip of the server is the Ip of the router is the ip of my computer is and the ip of the vm is The hostname of my server SipXecs is voiptest.netappsid.local.
On X-lite when I enter the hostname of the server as the server adresse
there is no problem he find it and it's connect i can call other phone and

The Ekiga config is the following:
Registrar:voiptest.netappsid.local(the hostname of my server)
Authentification User:3014
Password:The generated sip password

and with this configuration i got a Transport Error.

Ekiga 3.3.2
Ubuntu 11.10
A Windows XP VM for the X-lite test.

Sorry to answer so late. To better understand what generated "Transport error" error (this appears for ex. when you are not connected to a network), we need to look into the -d 4 log, could you send it to us?


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