Re: [Ekiga-list] Difference between 500 and 520 echoes

>>>> Hi.
>>>>     Ekiga 3.2.7 at Debian/SID (powerpc).
>>>>     When I call 500 at ekiga dot net, I hear silence,
>>>>     and in fact, the numbers at the bottom of a window show that
>>>>     no audio is received from the server. Video is ok,
>>>>     after 20 sec my cam is echoed to me back.
>>>>     On the other hand, when I use the 520 at ekiga dot net,
>>>>     it returns call to me, and then audio is just fine.
>>>>     Other audio echo services (4444 at sip2sip dot info) work fine.
>>>>     With Twinkle on the same machine the audio echo from 500 at ekiga is fine.
>>>>     What can be the reason that with Ekiga I get no audio echo from 500 ?
>>> This is surely a bug.  Could you use in debian the ekiga version from
>>> experimental and tell if the problem persists?
>> Hi, Eugen.
>>    I have built ekiga-snapshot using your script. Exactly the same phenomena
>>    persists. It is Debian Sid on PowerPC-32bit (iBook G4). Maybe its
>>    endianness matters ?!
> It seems yes.  In the past, I used a macbook too.
> Please provide a log when calling 500 and does not work.  It never 
> works, is that right?  Or sometimes yes, sometimes not?

I will provide a log at night (currently I have no access).
The behaviour is consistent, i.e. it is always as I described above.

Creating log is `ekiga-snapshot -d 4 2> log' ?


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